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"I like to show expressions while listening to music. Some music are heard with the ears but some are heard with the heart." - Park Jinyoung (Jr.)
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jackson, the backup dancer

t a e y o n g

when the hyungs notice what the maknae is up to.

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Mr. Ambiguous

Martial arts tricking sounds interesting right? Watching the flips during performances are nice, yes but with the constant little accidents we don’t see during the live performances but from rehearsals are heartbreaking. Since the beginning most of us was always worried about the flips going on during the performances. Constantly seeing mark messing up his flips are a little scary especially times when he ends up hurting himself. Knowing mark he’ll probably hide his pain, smile it off and tell the others that he’s fine. Honestly, we’ve all gone through pain and it really hurts but he’s just keeping that all to himself at most he’ll probably admit that it hurts a little. In the end everything is all for the fans because he must work hard for the fans, working hard ends up being in pain that he chose to hide. /sighs/

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